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Mellotronic Belgian Blues

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NICK AWDE'S debut album of deliciously mellow, edgy pop with servings of soul and a hint of rock (and tons of Mellotron!)

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A Floristry of Palpitations by George Stanworth

A Floristry of Palpitations 
George Stanworth

A brimming collection of gently satirical verse from UK performance poet George Stanworth. Writing poetry since his teens, Stanworth started developing it further when he studied English Literature at University ... Read more

Paperback 9781908755131 £5.99
Published 2013 by Desert Hearts

Happy Drunk  cover by Bob Slayer

The Happy Drunk 
Bob Slayer

“Once upon a time a Baby Boy was born. He was very Fat. And very, very HAPPY…!” Aka ‘Bob Slayer the Baby Years’, this is a illustrated children’s book for adults (16+). From the warped imagination of ... Read more

Paperback 9781908755117 £4.99
Published 2013 by Desert Hearts

Phil Kay

The Wholly Viable: An Autobiography 
Phil Kay

Stand-up comedian Phil Kay’s “autoblography” runs through comically surreal episodes taken from his unusual existence – frequently unbelievable but inevitably turning out to be true. Amongst the mayhem... Read more

Paperback 9781908755094 £10.00
Hardback 9781908755100   £20.00   
Published 2013 by Heroes Books in association with Desert Hearts

Little Stories

Rrrantanory: Little Stories by Paul Eccentric  

Paul Eccentric

A 30-strong selection of stories from the RRRANTS Radio production 'RRRANTANORY Little Stories' - originally broadcast on MyWordRadio.com, imagined by Paul Eccentric and realised by Beef Grant... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755070   £9.95
Published 2013 by Desert Hearts

Musician's Guide

A Musician’s Guide to Surviving the Great Recession: Practical Tips for Living a Truly Better Life in a Precarious Economy    

A. Musician

This tongue-in-cheek guide offers hardcore, real-world, practical advice on how anyone can survive in a precarious economy. Learn useful tips and creative strategies, from a hardworking musician who... read more

Paperback ISBN 9780988674608   £7.95
Published 2013 by The Artists League


Dragons, Padlocks and Tamerlane's Balls: A Material Cultural Memoir of Textiles, Art, Metals and Myths

Robert Chenciner

A sumptuously illustrated visual memoir by writer and ethnographer Robert Chenciner on Swedish padlock keyhole covers, rugs from the Caucasus and Central Asia and the vanishing art of women’s tattoos in Dagestan... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755025    £50.00
Published 2013 by Desert Hearts

fifties child

The Fifties Child: A Social History through the Songs of Barclay James Harvest

Alex Torres

A revolutionary approach to standard, chronological rock band histories, taking inspiration from more than 125 songs written over the band¹s 40-plus year career... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781908755032)    £29.95
Published January 2013 by Desert Hearts

Nicky Hopkins cover photo

And on Piano... Nicky Hopkins:
The Extraordinary Life of Rock's Greatest Session Man

Julian Dawson

Nicky Hopkins. Known as the 'Sixth Rolling Stone', no other rock pianist was held in such high esteem or played on more important recordings. His trademark licks.... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948124   £24.95
Published April 2011 by Desert Hearts

Cover image of Mellotron book

Mellotron: The Machine and the Musicians that Revolutionised Rock
Nick Awde

The definitive Mellotron book! The Mellotron changed music forever when it appeared in the 60s. Long before the advent of synthesizers, this extraordinary keyboard revolutionised rock and pop music. For the first time...
read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948025
Published 2008 by
Desert Hearts

Cover image of Vibrators book

The Vibrators:
21 Years of Punk Mania

Ian M. Carnochan (a.k.a. "Knox")

The definitive book on The Vibrators, one of Britain''s first punk rock bands and still performing and recording today. Written by Ian (Knox) Carnochan – the main singer, guitarist, and songwriter with the band... read more

Ringbound ISBN 9781898948100   £10.50
Published by Desert Hearts, 1997

Cover of Circassian Culture

Circassian Culture and Folklore: Hospitality, Traditions, Cuisine, Festivals and Music (Kabardian, Cherkess, Adigean, Shapsugh and Diaspora)
Compiled & edited by Amjad Jaimoukha

This is the first book in English to describe in detail the rich culture and traditions of the Circassians - comprising the Karbardians, Cherkess, Adigeans and Shapsugh... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948407   £24.95 
Hardback ISBN 9781898948414   £45.00
Published November 2010 by Bennett and Bloom in Association with Desert Hearts

Cover of Tattooed Mountain Women book
Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan: Magic Symbols in Silk, Stone, Wood and Flesh

Robert Chenciner, Gabib Ismailov & Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov

"A serious inquiry into the motivation that empowers traditional artistic expression, it will be treasured as a source book for all who share in this search" Times Literary Supplement... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948810   £19.99

Published 2006 by Bennett & Bloom in association with Desert Hearts

Cover of Tattooing Arts of Triba Women link

The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women
Lars Krutak

"Well written and wonderfully detailed, this is an absolute must for anyone seeking knowledge of the real roots of ethnic tattooing practices... the nature of the research is outstanding" – SkinDeep... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948759   £24.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948742   £45.00
Published 2007 by Bennett & Bloom in association with Desert Hearts


The Big Bardaid Book
edited by Donna Daniels-Moss

A collection that brings together some of the better known wordsmiths on the performance poetry circuit and blends them with voices seeing print for the very first time... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755001 (RRR006) 4.99
Published July 2011 by Desert Hearts/RRRANTS


Quaking in Me Stackheels: A Beginner's Guide to Surviving Your First Public Performance
Paul Eccentric

Have you got what it takes to stand up on a stage in front of a sea of expectant strangers and wow them with your pearls of wit and wisdom or are you too scared of what might happen to you if the crowd suddenly turned ugly?... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948971 6.99
Published July 2011 by Desert Hearts


The Commuter's Tale
Oliver Gozzard

Inspired by the spirit of Lord Byron, a careworn commuter abandons his humdrum life to embark on a voyage of adventure with a rapper he meets on the train.... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948070   £7.99
Published January 2011 by Desert Hearts


Singer-Songwriters, Volume 1: Dave Cousins, Iain Matthews, Ralph McTell, Al Stewart, Richard Thompson
Nick Awde

Five of popular music's most influential singer-songwriters talk about their careers and their craft.... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948995   24.95

cover of Sherman's Wife link

Sherman's Wife
Julia Camoys Stonor

"A bloodcurdling tale... There can seldom have been a better first sentence in a book by a daughter about her mother." – The Spectator...read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948797   £16.99
Published 2006 by Desert Hearts


Close to the Edge B/W Rocket Man/Meryl Streep
Nick Awde & Desert Hearts

Close to the Edge B/W Rocket Man/Meryl Streep from Nick Awde and Desert Hearts is an EP that mixes elements of straight-ahead rock with prog and punk. Clocking in at 15 minutes... read more

DHEP 001 - EAN 5060217720004   £6.00
Released 2010 by Desert Hearts


Bogle and the Furless Ones
Andrea Awde

Bogle is a cat who lives with a family of loving human Furless Ones who run an animal sanctuary. But he's curious about the world that lies outside and the terrible things done by evil Furless Ones against his fellow animals... read more

Paperback  ISBN 9781898948902   6.99

Published 2005 by Desert Hearts


The Little Big Woman Book
Llewella Gideon

Forced into temping hell, out-of-work actress Cynthia Cynical embarks on a hilarious guided tour of her office and the characters that inhabit it, including The Office Bitch, Amma the Ghanaian Canteen Lady and...
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948766   5.99
Published 2000 by Desert Hearts


Andrew Lloyd Webber The Musical
Book, lyrics and music by Nick Awde

Fresh from the disappointment of the failure of 'Beeching Express: The Musical (The Story of the Man who Broke the Railways)', Andrew Llloyb Webber, an aspiring composer of musicals walks into a South London pub....
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948483    6.99
Published May 2000 by Desert Hearts


Blood Confession
Nick Awde

A drama about how truth and memory change over the passage of time, and how the shifting sands of the past can affect moral judgement. Blood Confession is set in a deserted police station in the 1980s... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948667   9.99
Published 2010 by
Desert Hearts


An Overseas Boy
Peter Lazard

After Anglo-Indian George Sinclair comes of age in an English public school he enters the shadowy worlds of espionage and voodoo in Central America and the Caribbean. Darkly funny, this satirical thriller... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948162   16.99
Published 2005 by
Desert Hearts


I Saw Satan On The Northern Line:
Love Songs From The Underground

Nick Awde

A gently satirical look in verse form at urban living... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948001   4.99
Published 1996 by Desert Hearts


The Virgin Killers
Nick Awde

When two Jesuit priests die violently at an exclusive Catholic prep school, an inquisitive teacher and an investigative journalist decide to get to the bottom of the mystery... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948155    16.99
Published 2003 by Desert Hearts


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